The Isles of Greece! 2005: The Cyclades
This interdisciplinary two-week course based on sailing yachts in the Greek islands is an Honors Seminar.  It also satisfies the Idea theme-related course requirements for Arts and Identity, Peace and Conflict, and Living in a Quality Environment.  It will satisfy major elective requirements in art,  history, classical humanities, English, philosophy, political science, and religious studies.
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The tour ran into strong winds that kept us on Santorini and Paros longer than planned, so we weren't able to visit Mykonos, Delos, and Tinos.  Otherwise we accomplished everything as planned.

Here are some of Melanie's pictures.

Here are two of Andrea's pictures.  Notice the easy method we have of doing laundry.

Here's one by David, showing Professors Stone and Lehmann (right to left) with the students at the Byzantine Museum in Athens.  On the right is Corey's picture of the group at Delphi.

Here are more of Corey's pictures.

The Acropolis from our restaurant, first night in Athens

Sailing toward Aegina

Docked at Poros

Lecture in and about the Thira volcano

Sunset at Santorini

Akrotiri excavations

Church of the Hundred Doors, Paros

Approaching Sounium

Clay's picture of the Aegean from Ancient Thera

Clay's picture of the Acropolis from the Keramikos

And here's Justin's picture of Janice eating sea urchin!

What students say about the course.

Greece: The greatest classroom I've ever been in!
We saw Greece the way the Greeks did.

Pictures do not do this landscape justice. . . .  I just couldn't replicate the enormity and beauty of this place.

Peter Nicolaides (Jacques Cousteau's dive buddy on the CALYPSO) motioned me to hold the handle of a piece of pottery from an ancient Roman wreck . . .  Diving in Greece was parallel to seeing the Acropolis for the first time.

I've grown, changed, learned, and experienced so much more on this trip than I have in the past year.  Whether you enjoy the trip or not, you will definitely not regret going.

The sailing makes the trip.

The sites were absolutely amazing.  The space on the boats for the amount of people was completely unacceptable.

If seeing ancient history come alive, sailing on the Aegean, and having your professor turn into your captain sounds like fun to you, you're right--It's the opportunity of a life-time--and I encourage everyone and anyone to take advantage of this while it lasts!

Sailing was my absolute favorite part of this trip.  I went into the course knowing nothing about it and came out feeling quite at home on the boat.

I thought we spent more time on the boats than expected.  Seemed that the majority of free time given was at a port with relatively little to do or see, especially since real free-time was at a premium.

This was an amazing course with great people.  It was the best time of my life.  I'm so glad I decided to go.  I wouldn't have changed anything about the trip.

I have learned copious amounts of multidisciplinary material in a gorgeous country which has amounted to the greatest time of my life.

I really enjoyed "The Isles of Greece!"  The opportunity to actually see where things happened and to understand the environment in which they occurred makes history much more poignant, and the course offered that to an unparalleled extent.

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