The Isles of Greece! 2008: The Southern Cyclades
But my island lies low and away, last of all on the water
toward the dark, with the rest below facing east and sunshine,
a rugged place, but a good nurse of men; for my part
I cannot think of any place sweeter on earth to look at.
Homer, Odyssey 9.25-28

This course took place 21 May to 8 June 2008. Click here for the prospectus, or for more information email Mr Lehmann at

Here are some of Kyle's pictures: Kyle in front of the Parthenon, Hydra town, and Naxos town.

Here are some of Johanna's pictures, including the olive tree of Athena, the boats at Apollonia, Naxos, and sunset at Dhespotiko.  Note Captain Nelson's preferred method of steering.

Jeremy took many pictures.  Here are Peter examining an amphora from a Roman shipwreck in the Paros/Naxos channel, Peter explaining the site of Dhespotikho, Reece at the helm, and the view over the caldera from Fira on Santorini.


More pictures by Jeremy: Nelson lecturing in the Stoa of Attalus in Athens, the Odeum of Herodes Atticus being prepared for Puccini's Turandot (which we saw at the end of our tour), the site of Aphrodite's temple on Acrocorinth, and the bottom of the cistern at Mycenae.


Here are some of Nelson's dive pictures.

What students said about this trip.

The class is well organized and well taught.  There is pretty much something in this trip that can spark anybody’s interest.

Over all I really enjoyed this class it was a fantastic learning experience.  I was able to apply almost everything that I learned.

I loved the course and would like to come back next year.

 This was by far the best course I have ever taken.  The readings, presentations, the lectures, the boat experience and seeing all the interesting monuments and museums helped me learn about Greece.  This was a fascinating experience.  This course also helped me learn how to work with people in close proximity, as well as taught me more about myself.  The professors were knowledgeable and I learned so much from them.  I highly recommend taking this course.

The places we traveled to are magical. They transformed, enlightened and lifted me to be a more intelligent, appreciative and beautiful human being.

An excellent, once in a lifetime opportunity.  You would be crazy not to take advantage.

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