The Isles of Greece! 2012: Attica and the Northern Cyclades

But my island lies low and away, last of all on the water
toward the dark, with the rest below facing east and sunshine,
a rugged place, but a good nurse of men; for my part
I cannot think of any place sweeter on earth to look at.
Homer, Odyssey 9.25-28

This course took place 22 May to 11 June 2012. Click here for the prospectus, or for more information email Mr Lehmann at Mr Lehmann wrote a review of this trip for our charter company.

The facebook page for the program has many photographs and comments.

Here are Clayton's photos of the salon of No Regrets and No Regrets under sail, the students on the Areopagus, and Ross reporting on the Battle of Marathon while we rafted in the Bay of Marathon.

Salon of No Regrets No Regrets under sail

Here are Kayla's photos of Sounium from the bay below and Karystus from the quarries we hiked up to from the bay and Clayton's shots of diving a wreck in the Paros-Naxos channel and of the students on the Areopagus and at the Corycian Cave.

Sounium Karystos


What students said about this course

This course blew my mind! Also when Clayton says short hike be prepared for a 5 hour death march. And remember the rocks will always win. Words cannot describe how awesome this was, it rocked!

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