The Isles of Greece! 2014: The Southern Cyclades

But my island lies low and away, last of all on the water
toward the dark, with the rest below facing east and sunshine,
a rugged place, but a good nurse of men; for my part
I cannot think of any place sweeter on earth to look at.
Homer, Odyssey 9.25-28

Course taking place 20 May to 9 June, 2014. Click here for the prospectus, or for more information email Mr Lehmann at

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Chris Zimmer edited a remarkable video from clips he took throughout the trip, goGreeceX.

Here is Ruthie's picture of the crew standing at the summit of Kephalos Hill on Paros, overlooking the Paros-Naxos Channel. Back row: Chris, Andrew, Nathaniel, David, Ruthie, Ellie, Brian, and Robert; front row: Nate, Megan, Kelsey, Ellie, Emily, Lindsay, Elysa, Shauna, Katie, Hannah, and Chrissy; seated: Nickie.

Here are some more of Ruthie's pictures: Brian, Olivia, and Chris adore Apollo in Corinth and the crew of Amorgos (Hanna, Katie, Brian, Clayton, Chris, Nate, and Shauna) leaves Paros behind.

Here are some of Nickie's pictures: the group at the Tomb of Atreus, a view of the Bay of Naousa from the Mycenaean citadel of Koukounaries (Kassandra to the right), and two shots of Amorgos under sail toward Sounium with Katie at the helm: the Greek navy was holding an exercise at the time--hence the submarine and battleship!


Here are some of Clayton's pictures: Brennan watches Nickie, Katie, Chrissy, Chris, and Nate run in the Olympic Stadium; the crew assembles on the dock in Paros; Hannah gives her report on piracy on a hidden inlet on Antiparos; and the ruins at Akrotiri astonish Chrissy, Nickie, Nathaniel, Ruthie, Brian, Robert, and Elysa.

At the Acropolis Museum we ran into another group from USD led by Gerta Bardhoshi and Kelly Duncan.

What students say about this program.

The only experience of a lifetime that offers college credit.

This class is the most amazing learning experience I have ever been a part of.

The course involved a lot of activities that show the most important features of Greece and also information about the Ancient Greeks, both historical and mythological. Everything about the course is interesting. Beautiful country, great food, and good memories with the other students.

The Isles of Greece is hands down the best summer course offered at USD.

Amazing trip! Be prepared to spend at least 500 euro. Definitely bring motion sickness medication, good walking/hiking shoes and a pack to fit water and necessities. There are so many amazing sites you do not want to miss this trip!

An excellent course and incredible growth and learning opportunity.

This course is a course on life. If you want to really see Greece, this course is for you. I had such an amazing experience.

This course was the best USD course I have taken thus far. I absolutely loved the variety between subjects and the places we saw. One of the best parts was the enthusiasm given by both professors and fellow classmates. I wish I could take this course again!

Leave any doubts behind and go forth and expand your horizons.

When they say to bring good walking shoes, they mean it. This class was the best one I have ever taken. But nothing could have gotten me ready for the last hike.

I enjoyed this course but wish more hiking would have been involved. This course was an amazing learning and cultural experience.

Great experience with more breathtaking sites than you can imagine. Be in good physical shape though because the course requires miles of uphill and downhill hiking.

This experience opened my eyes to new opportunities for my future and I hope to continue on this path. I loved every minute of it from the storms out at sea to hiking mountains. Thank you all for a wonderful time full of knowledge and memories.

I had no expectations coming into this course but I was blown away by all of the awesome things we saw and learned.

Very fun and exciting course. The locals are friendly and the culture is amazing. It’s a very safe fun way to explore a new place. Recommended for all ages and a must do on the college experience list!

This is a great course! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to study abroad, it was perfect time and length and we got to do pretty spectacular things. Definitely a trip of a lifetime!

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