The Isles of Greece! 2006: The Dodecanese
This interdisciplinary two-week course based on sailing yachts in the Greek islands is an Honors Seminar.  It also will satisfy major elective requirements in art, history, classical humanities, English, philosophy, political science, and religious studies.
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Here are Dmitri's pictures of the group, one at the Asclepieum on Kos, the other on the fortification wall of ancient Nisyros.

Here are Laura's pictures at the Mexican restaurant in Kos and the ruined mosque on the top of Acrocorinth.

Here's Nelson's picture of Patmos from the Monastery of St John  

Here are Anna's pictures of Clayton, Peter, and Nelson, and a couple of adventures.

Here are some of David's pictures: the castle at Bodrum, a view of Cnidus's twin harbors with Nisyros in the background, the caldera of Nisyros.  In the second row are a shot of the group in a restaurant in Bodrum and a view of our two boats in Vathi harbor.  Below them are shots of Guy Sanders lecturing us at Corinth and Peter Nicolaides lecturing in the boat.


Finally, here are TC's views of Bodrum harbor, Clayton diving, and Ivanna under sail.

What students say about the course.

This course was absolutely amazing and unlike anything that could be imagined in a classroom.   The unique design of the course made the learning process exciting.

This trip/class was one of the best times of my life, hand's down.  I learned a lot about Greece, sailing, life in general, but it was really the people that made this experience exceptional.

It is amazing to take part in something so different from the norm and miraculous to see how quickly we assimilate and learn to appreciate, if not love, it!

This class integrated so may aspects of life in the Aegean--everything from learning how to sail a boat and discovering the mysteries of the past, to climbing down a caldera of a volcano.

The weather was glorious, the sailing amazing, and pictures alone could never do the sites we were able to see the justice they deserve--but our memories will.

I had more fun and learned more in this course than any other course I have ever taken.

Several years later, another student reflects on the experience:

Thank you for making the Greece trip such a cool experience. The events and people I happened upon through the duration and after sort of inspired (silly word, I know) me to concentrate more on the abstract, big questions and history behind them instead of just finishing papers for grades.

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