The Isles of Greece! 2011: The Southern Dodecanese

But my island lies low and away, last of all on the water
toward the dark, with the rest below facing east and sunshine,
a rugged place, but a good nurse of men; for my part
I cannot think of any place sweeter on earth to look at.
Homer, Odyssey 9.25-28

This course took place 17 May to 6 June 2011. Click here for the prospectus, or for more information email Mr Lehmann at

The facebook page for the program has many photographs and comments.

Here is the group at Hippocrates' plane tree in Kos and at the New Acropolis Museum.

Here are Brennan's photos of Ruth at Lurena's helm and Ryan righting the battle of Rhodes


Here are Ruth preparing to dive with our divemaster at Lindos and Cole contemplating the Marine Venus


Here are Katie's sunset picture at Nisyros and Clayton's sunrise picture at Lindos



Here are more of Katie's pictures: Arlo playing the bouzouki, dinner on Lurena,
and in the Odeum of Herodes Atticus for a performance of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci.
Below right is Scott's picture of Sue and Captain Mike on the walls of ancient Nisyros.

Here are Scott's pictures of the women running in the ancient stadium of Nemea.

Here is Sara's picture of the volcano on Nisyros and Ruth's picture of Brennan examining the rocks in the volcano. Below are Scott's views of Lindos and Simi.

What students said about this trip.

The teachers expect you to do your work. The coursework is pretty rigorous but so worth it. It’s not only a trip to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, but a look into the past, a past that has sculpted our entire being.

If you haven’t hiked the mountains of Delphi, then you haven’t lived.

I have never been on such an eye-opening but more importantly mind-broadening experience like this class.

This course was a nearly indescribable experience for me. Whether it is through your research for your project, talking with professors, or listening to other students you will learn more in this trip than many people learn in years at school. You will make new friends, see sights that defy explanation, and gain a much greater appreciation for your own values and beliefs. You simply will not see the world the same way again. If you approach this course with the right mindset, it will change you for the rest of your life and for the better. You will not come home the same person.

The only comment I have to tell you all is to keep pushing, suggesting, and advising students to take this class. There should not be a year where it is not offered and ventured upon. These three weeks that will honestly be a lasting moment in and will continue to have an effect on my life.

Adapt and create a new life sailing in Greece--once you visit Greece you will not want to leave because people who travel to Greece, tend to move to Greece, my future plan.

The best course I have taken from USD by far! I have been inspired to write several new poems with more in the percolating stage. This has been a once in a lifetime experience which has enriched my life as nothing else in college will be able to, short of saving a patient’s life. I even learned about rocks, damn it!

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